Opportunity Analysis Key Benefits

Honed over 25 years across a variety of industries, implementation of strategies in Opportunity Analyses lead to permanent discount, DPO, working capital and rebates through:

  • Projections CFOs can trust due to analysis conducted on actual payment data, backed with proofs of concept corroborated by A/P and Procurement
  • Improved payables processes designed to become routine business practices and to preserve supplier relationships
  • Immediate correction of DPO losses from payments made prior to terms and discounts not taken
  • A plan to sequence implementation of strategies and achieve quick hits
  • Minimum time commitments, because most analysis is performed electronically offsite with a passionate concern by VPO Services
  • Leadership’s rapid approval of implementation, based on reliable of projections and common sense strategies
  • Deliverable strategies, whose value of discounts, new working capital and rebates, can pay the combined annual salaries of AP and Procurement teams many times over

Opportunity Analyses are conducted for a guaranteed fixed fee based on amount of applicable spend, plus travel expenses. Pro-bono hours are contributed to the Opportunity Analysis to encourage engaging VPO Services for implementation. For organizations desiring VPO hands-on expertise to implement the strategies, a detailed statement of work at a guaranteed fixed fee is provided.

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