Process Improvements

Driving A/P Process Strategy Implementation

Incorporating all stakeholder interests, VPO offers hands-on implementation services to achieve strategic DPO and working capital improvements in A/P processes, including:

  • Designing logic for new accounts payable system enhancements to achieve desired DPO and capital increases
  • Designing logic for automatic assignment of applicable vendors to the enhanced payment system strategies
  • Designing UAT specifications for A/P and Systems to prove that the new payment policies create the desired increase in DPO and capital
  • Determining payment term increase adjustments for suppliers with under par terms and motivating individuals responsible for these suppliers to approve the adjustments
  • Creating talking points to use with vendors who call about changes
  • Consulting on a negotiations strategy to get vendors who push back on payment term changes to say “yes” to a better term
  • Documenting new language in purchase orders and contracts and getting legal approval
  • Measuring DPO and capital improvements and advising on ways to achieve successful implementation

A detailed proposal for hands-on strategic direction is provided to clients. Professional services for implementation of the strategies are reasonably priced at a fixed fee, plus travel expenses.

To discuss if A/P process improvememnts are right for your organization, contact us for a conversation.