Dynamic Discounting RFP

A Dynamic Discounting RFP Can Level the Playing Field

To find the right Dynamic Discounting (DD) software provider let VPO conduct an in-depth RFP.

By analyzing bidder responses for critical areas, VPO creates confidence in the selection of a DD provider.

VPO thoughtfully manages every RFP process through key elements.

  • Developing a file of applicable vendor spend, taxonomy and payment terms data allowing bidders to project discounts, DPO and free cash produced by their DD software and onboarding strategy
  • Providing an Excel model for bidders to create projections and calculate return on investment
  • Describing the client’s ERP interface to the DD system for bidders to quote software implementation and schedule
  • Analyzing bids, rectifying RFP response shortfalls, and presenting a clear, easily interpreted presentation of the pros and cons of each bidder
  • Establishing ground rules for provider presentations to the Finance, Procurement and Systems decision team
  • Conducting a score card process for the Financial, Procurement and Systems team to rank bidders
  • Negotiating lower licensing, gain share and implementation fees and finalizing favorable contract terms with the selected provider

To discuss if Dynamic Discounting is right for your organization, contact us for a conversation.